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The latest trip of the Road 34 crew.

The most recent adventure of Road 34 takes us to Salida, CO.

On this trip there was drinking, riding, and more drinking. I know what you’re thinking: what’s different  than any other day with the Road 34 Crew. Well on this particular trip, we were welcomed into Jessica Biel’s home.

She wasn’t there of course, but she rents out a fantastic vacation home. Luxurious, comfortable, and accommodating. And to our surprise, this was even the second time she’s been willing to rent it out to us.


With beautiful landscapes and a hot tub, it was worth the 3 1/2 hour drive.



200+ mile Strip/Pub Crawl from Casper, Wyoming to The Den.

206.93 Miles

         STARTS IN: Racks Gentlemen’s Club- Casper, WY
          CLIMB: 7,883.86 ft
ENDS AT: The Den Gentlemen’s Club- Border of Wyoming and Colorado
They made several stops along the way, and one unscheduled stop to help some folks out…
All in all, they rode hard, drank hard, and killed the trail.










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